Local Routes and Cue Sheets

With thousands of miles, trails, and park roads in the area, the only limit on where you go might just be your imagination. However, sometimes the hardest part about getting out the door is figuring out where to go. On this page, you’ll find some of our favorite routes and the cue sheets and maps to go with them. Enjoy!

1-10 Miles

Distance (miles)HighlightsDifficultySurfaceTrafficElevation ChangeNotesMap & Cue Sheet (PDF)GPS Link
1.0Biser Fitness TrailEasyPaved TrailNoneMostly flatGettysburg Recreation Park (545 Long Lane); great for young children!Download map
7.0Spangler's Spring, Culp's Hill, and CollegeEasyRoadLight - town, neighborhood, battlefieldRolling (300 feet)Begin at Rec ParkDownload cue sheet & map
7.4Twin Oaks Loop w/ CollegeEasyRoad, Paved TrailLight - town, neighborhood, trailMostly flat (<200 feet)Begin at Ag CenterDownload cue sheet & map
9.8Peace Light, Barlow's Knoll, Spangler's Spring, and Culp's HillModerateRoadModerate - town, battlefieldRolling (500 feet)One crossing of and short section along PA 97Download cue sheet & map

11-20 Miles

Distance (Miles)HighlightsDifficultySurfaceTrafficElevation ChangeNotesMap & Cue Sheet (PDF)GPS Link
12.4Sachs Covered Bridge and the AngleModerateRoadModerateRolling (500 feet)Pumping Station Road has narrow shoulder with faster carsDownload cue sheet & map
14.2Peace Light, West Confederate, Round Tops, PA Monument, the Angle, & CollegeModerateRoad, Paved TrailLight - mostly battlefieldRolling (700 feet)Download cue sheet & map
15.1Visitor Center, Wheatfield Road, Sachs Covered Bridge, Peace Light, and CollegeModerateRoadModerateRolling (600 feet)Download cue sheet & map

21+ Miles

Distance (Miles)HighlightsDifficultySurfaceTrafficElevation ChangeNotesMap & Cue Sheet (PDF)GPS Link
25.0Sach's Covered Bridge, The Links, Marsh Creek, Wheatfield Road, and Sickles AvenueDownload cue sheet & map
40.0Sach's Covered Bridge, Marsh Creek, The Links, Sickles Avenue, and Wheatfield RoadDownload cue sheet & map