Local Routes and Cue Sheets

With thousands of miles, trails, and park roads in the area, the only limit on where you go might just be your imagination. However, sometimes the hardest part about getting out the door is figuring out where to go. On this page, you’ll find some of our favorite routes and the cue sheets and maps to go with them. Enjoy!

1-10 Miles

NameDistance (miles)DifficultySurfaceTrafficElevation ChangeNotesMap & Cue Sheet (PDF)GPS Link
Biser Fitness Trail1.0EasyPaved TrailNoneMostly flatGettysburg Recreation Park (545 Long Lane)
Twin Lakes RideVaries (<10)EasyRoad, Paved TrailLight - neighborhoodMostly flat (<50 feet)Old Country Club and surrounding neighborhoods
Spangler's Spring Loop w/ College7.0EasyRoadLight - town, neighborhood, battlefieldRolling (300 feet)Begin at Rec Park
North Trail Loop w/ College6.7EasyRoad, Paved TrailLight - town, trailMostly flat (<200 feet)Begin at Rec Park
Twin Oaks Loop w/ College7.4EasyRoad, Paved TrailLight - town, neighborhood, trailMostly flat (<200 feet)Begin at Ag Center
Battlefield Loop w/ College10.3ModerateRoadModerate - town, battlefieldRolling (500 feet)One crossing of and short section along PA 97

11-20 Miles

NameDistance (Miles)DifficultySurfaceTrafficElevation ChangeNotesMap & Cue Sheet (PDF)GPS Link
Three Bridges Ride11.9ModerateRoadModerateRolling (600 feet)Roads are not heavily trafficked, but cars move fast
Three Bridges Ride (#2)12.8ModerateRoadModerateRolling (500 feet)Pumping Station Road has narrow shoulder with faster cars
Round Top Loop w/ Eisenhower Farm13.4ModerateRoad, Paved TrailLight - mostly battlefieldRolling (700 feet)Short section on PA 97 requires caution
Battlefield Loop14.3ModerateRoadModerateRolling (600 feet)

21+ Miles

NameDistance (Miles)DifficultySurfaceTrafficElevation ChangeNotesMap & Cue Sheet (PDF)GPS Link
Ride with Rich Loop25ModerateRoadModerateMostly flat with a few hills (1000 feet)