History & Accomplishments

Ever since our founding over a decade ago, we have been hard at work on all types of projects, from bike path planning and development to fun, community events for children and everything in between. Our successes are not all on the list below, but this timeline is a pretty good snapshot of the variety of areas that we have our hands in.

Bike Repair Station Installed at Rec Park

HABPI, in partnership with GARA and funded by a generous grant from SARIS, installed a bike repair station along the Biser Fitness Trail.

Community Activism
Recognized Susan Naugle

Joined the Borough of Gettysburg in recognizing former borough council president Susan Naugle, a dedicated advocate for the Gettysburg Inner Loop, by naming the pedestrian bridge over Stevens Run in her honor.

Community Activism
Held 5th Annual Ride for Trails

Despite the pandemic, the ride was held for the fifth consecutive year. The event was modified to ensure participant safety and offered for free.

Supported House Bill 2131

Advocated for House Bill 2131, which would allow development of trails on preserved land.

Community Activism
Recognized Larry Redding

We presented Larry Redding with our first Trail Blazer of the Year award, which is given to a member of the community who has contributed significantly to the development of walking and biking trails in Adams County.

Community Activism
Held annual Kids Bicycle Parade

Continued the tradition of the annual Kids Bicycle Parade at the Heritage Festival, albeit virtually, due to the pandemic.

Developed Yard Signs

Developed, purchased and distributed yard signs that promote the state's requirement to give four feet of space when passing a bicyclist.

South Gettysburg Trail
Completed Trail Feasibility Study

Completed the trail feasibility study for the South Gettysburg Trail (Adams County portion of the Grand History Trail) from Gettysburg to the Maryland border.

Community Activism
Hosted Kids Bike Rodeo

Conducted Kids Bike Rodeo at annual Gettysburg Fun Fest.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Obtained Easements for GIL Trail

In conjunction with Borough of Gettysburg, obtained easements along Water Street—utilizing sections of Spectra-Kote and SCCAP properties—for future bicycle/pedestrian path that will be part of GIL.

Boyds School Trail
Started Studying Boyds School Road

Began exploring possibility of extending the North Gettysburg Trail from Gettysburg High School along Boyds School Road to Route 34.

Purchased Bike Racks

Worked with Borough to support purchase and installation of new bike racks around Gettysburg that are branded with image of Lincoln and the words “All are equal.”

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Opened New Segment of GIL

Celebrated the opening of new segment of GIL which was funded in 2014.

South Gettysburg Trail
Obtained Grant Funding for SGT

Worked with multiple groups to obtain grant funding to study an off-road biking and walking trail from Gettysburg south to the Maryland border outside Emmitsburg. This trail would become a section of a larger trail network known as the Grand History Trail.

Grand History Trail
Supported Riders of the Proposed GHT Route

Organized a welcome for riders attempting to ride the approximate route of the 275-mile Grand History Trail.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Bicycle Lanes and Sharrows Marked in Borough

Bicycle lanes were added to four blocks of Steinwehr Avenue, and “sharrow” markings added to Queen Street, as a result of our partnership with the Borough of Gettysburg and the Steinwehr Avenue Business Improvement District.

Hosted Summit with GNMP

Hosted an economic summit with key community leaders at the Gettysburg National Military Park to highlight the economic benefits of biking and walking trails like the Gettysburg Inner Loop.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Acquired Grant for GIL Engineering

Helped the Borough of Gettysburg acquire a $47,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for environmental engineering of a segment of the Gettysburg Inner Loop.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Built Two Segments of GIL

Partnered with the Borough of Gettysburg to obtain $1,766,434 to engineer and build two segments of the Gettysburg Inner Loop, including a multi-use trail along Lefever Street in conjunction with the new middle school project.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Received Grant for Boundary Resolution

Received a grant from the Hoffman Charitable Trust to survey a section of Reynolds Street in Gettysburg to resolve boundary issues ahead of building the Gettysburg Inner Loop.

HABPI Improvements
Launched "Friends of HABPI"

Launched “Friends of HABPI” for people who support our activities and are willing to advocate for a better bicycling and walking environment.

Purchased Bicycle Rack

Purchased a bicycle rack for use during the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg; this rack is now located outside Gettysburg Area Middle School on Lefever St.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Completed GIL Master Plan

Launched a successful campaign to raise $25,000 to complete the Gettysburg Inner Loop Greenway Master Plan.

Funded Improvements to Biser Trail

Helped fund the widening of a segment of the Biser Trail in the Gettysburg Rec Park.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Funded Curb on West Middle Street

Funded the installation of a curb cut on West Middle Street, which will be used by the Gettysburg Inner Loop.

Created State Bicycle Route JS

In partnership with PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Pedalcycle Advisory Committee, led the effort to create State Bicycle Route JS connecting Hanover Junction, on the York Heritage Rail Trail, with Gettysburg. Signs delineating the route were erected in June 2013.

Community Activism
Began Organized Bicycle Rides

Began organizing and leading regular group bicycle rides in and around Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Obtained Grant for Survey

Obtained $5,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to conduct a survey of Race Horse Alley to clear the way for the creation of a greenway.

Community Activism
Began Partnership with Hanover Cyclers

Began providing volunteers to assist the Hanover Cyclers with their major bicycle rides.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Completed Feasibility Study

Completed the feasibility study for the Gettysburg Inner Loop (GIL) Bicycle Network and Trail

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Obtained Community Support

Obtained letters of support and/or funds for the GIL from more than forty community organizations.

Gettysburg Inner Loop
Launched Feasibility Study

Launched feasibility study for the Gettysburg Inner Loop (GIL) Bicycle Network and Trail with assistance from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program, and in partnership with the Borough of Gettysburg, the Adams County Office of Planning and Development, and other community organizations.

Testified to PA Transportation Commission

Provided testimony to the Pennsylvania Transportation Commission regarding the need for better infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists in Adams County.

Gettysburg to Hanover Trail
Feasibility Study Conducted

Partnered with the York County Rail Trail Authority and the Adams County Office for Planning and Development to conduct a feasibility study for an on- and off-road trail linking Gettysburg and Hanover. The study was funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.