Boyds School Road Trail

HABPI is exploring a possible 1.2 mile trail for pedestrians and bicycles that would be developed along Boyds School Road between Old Harrisburg Road and Route 34 (Biglerville Road). The trail will connect to the existing North Gettysburg Trail, which runs alongside Old Harrisburg Road and connects the borough of Gettysburg and Gettysburg High School.

Several key businesses, organizations, and communities would have direct access to the Boyds School Trail (BST), including:
-The Adams County offices, which employ approximately 140 people.
-The Gettysburg Place Apartments, which has 40 one- and two-bedroom apartments.
-St. Francis Xavier School, which serves about 220 Pre-K through 8th-grade students.
-Gettysburg Area High School, which has an approximate enrollment of 1000 students.

The BST will provide a safe route and recreational facility for alternative transportation between these locations, and more! As an example, a student at the Gettysburg place apartments could safely travel to the High School by bike or on foot. And a county employee who lives in Gettysburg could bike to the offices using the BST and North Gettysburg Trail. We are currently meeting with stakeholders along the route to make them aware of our plans, listen to their concerns, and seek their support for our trail plans.

The full feasibility study and plan—as well as information on how alternative transportation trails and paths benefit the environment, raise home values, create safe spaces to exercise, and more—can be found on our Resources Page.