Trail Proposed to Historical Society Site

by Jim Hale

Amid plans to develop a pedestrian-bicycle trail north from the Gettysburg borough line, the Adams County Historical Society’s new complex continues to take shape along Biglerville Road. The facility is expected to open in April.

Efforts are under way to develop a pedestrian-bicycle trail from the north edge of Gettysburg to the Adams County Historical Society (ACHS) facility on Biglerville Road.

Plans unveiled Wednesday show an approximately two-tenth of a mile the trail beginning on the west side of Carlisle Street. Several parking spaces would be eliminated to create a walking/biking span about three feet wider than the existing sidewalk, said engineer Chad Clabaugh of the C.S. Davidson firm, Gettysburg.

A short distance to the north, a crosswalk, identified by signs and pavement markings, would carry the trail to the east side of the road and on to the ACHS facility, which is expected to open in April, Clabaugh said at the meeting at the Charlie Sterner Building in the Gettysburg Recreation Park.

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